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What We Do

Commercial, Industrial and Retail Facilities Built to Suit Your Needs.

Horizontal angled shot of a retail construction site.

Apex Construction Group specializes in the construction of everything from storage facilities and retail spaces to large warehouses and buildings suited for machinery and industrial production. Our building solutions deliver results that perfectly match the needs of our clients.

We ask the right questions upfront, so we understand exactly what your business needs, then we develop a building that will match those needs in the most economical way.

Whether you’re in the market for a new commercial/industrial facility or a home for your retail business, Apex Construction Group will help you design and build a facility that’s just right for your business. From small additions and remodels to entirely new buildings, we’ll match your exacting standards and create a space where your business will thrive.

What can we build for you?

Our Services

From storage facilities and retail spaces to large warehouses and buildings suited for machinery and industrial production, our building solutions deliver results.


From site evaluation to blueprints, the Apex team will guide you through every step of the pre-construction process so you can feel confident going into the build phase.


At Apex, we keep everything under one roof. We work together as a team with designers and subcontractors we trust to build a project that exceeds expectations.


We’ll work with the owner and architect to review plans, create a project timeline, select subcontractors, and construct your project according to your plans.


Whether you need a full renovation, partial remodel, or an add-on, we can help you revitalize your space.


Interested in purchasing land and building? Our team can help guide you through the development process from start to finish.


From build-outs to installations and much more, our team will work closely with you to transform your space to suit your tenant’s needs.

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Other Services

Project Management

Tenant Finish-Out Remodeling

Exterior Renovations

Industrial Remodeling

Manufacturing Remodeling

Concrete Construction

Apex Construction Group is committed to providing a safe work environment on all its projects. The standards and ongoing training initiatives to educate our employees and subcontractors on safe work practices and updated regulations show our desire for continued safety improvement.

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